I’ve been making baskets and vessels for the past eight years or so and am intrigued with using ancient techniques like twining to create modern forms.  

I love the concept of “sculptural basketry” which to me, means  how, when and where baskets become sculpture and vice versa. Often that includes asymmetry, open space, whimsy, bumpiness, curves and humor. 

The white vessel called “women” reminds me of our lumps and bumps, sizes and shapes, roundness, femininity and softness. Something to hold in our hands.

I work with paper covered wire, waxed linen, leather, paint, cedar, paper, wire and tend to use natural looking and feeling materials. I typically build from the ground up.

Group Shows

Holly Badgley Studio, Sausalito, Dec. 2017

Cloverdale Arts Alliance, January 2018


Workshops Attended:

Matt Tommey, double walled basketry

Pat Hickman, knotted netting

Polly Adams Sutton, twined sculpture

Lisa Kokin, Reuse Muse

Lori Goldman, sculptural knitting

Jane Herrick, What If?

Jacqueline Mallegni, fiber sculpture

Jil Nordfors Clark, fiber with gut

Margaret Mathewson, Starts and Stops